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We Make Real Estate Better

Whether it is a house or a large apartment complex, rest assured that Allandrea Company will have done whatever it takes to make it a wonderful place to live!

If the walls need painting or replacement, we will do it! We ensure it is done with you in mind, from the fixtures to the flooring.

Whether it is a house or an apartment complex, rest assured that Allandrea Company will have done whatever it takes to make it a wonderful place to live!

If the walls need painting or replacement, we will do it! We ensure it is done with you in mind, from the fixtures to the flooring.

Decades of Experience​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our team has been in the real estate business for decades! We know what to look for in a home.

Local Knowlege

We ensure we have a local team member overseeing all the properties.

Care and Compassion

We care about you, the neighborhood and the house. We want what is best for everyone involved.

Best Use of Resources

Our team does not skimp or over do the project. We take in consideration all aspects of the project before moving forward.

We Do Rehabs Right!

Revitalizing, Rehabliating or Remodling 

We want to see cities, towns, and neighborhoods improve. We are honored to help achieve this by doing one of the 3 "R"s. Revitalizing, breathing new life into a tired home. Rehabilitating turns a house with some physical deterioration back to its former glory. The final "R" is a complete remodel that changes the building to a more desirable and usable layout by moving walls and adding a bedroom, bathroom, or other amenities.
Regardless of which of the 3 "R"s we use, the result will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Where We're Focused

We are a real estate investment and rehabilitation company focusing on Savannah, Georgia, and San Antionio TX.
Savannah, GA
We are expanding our operations to other markets. We seek skilled teams to join us in new locations as we transform distressed properties into quality homes and provide quality housing. Our proven track record in rehabilitating real estate excites us to bring our expertise to new cities and contribute to their growth and development. Join us as we embark on this new journey and make a positive impact in the real estate market.
San Antonio, TX
The Next Great Market

What We Do


We love the unloveable! We specialize in fixer-uppers, but we will purchase lovely homes, too! We buy houses in any condition.


We have houses and apartments available for rent. Sometimes, we don't want to let go of one of our freshly fixed-up beauties, and we hold on to them and lease them to friendly people.


After our team has done the required updates and fixed any issues the property may have had, we market them at reasonable prices to sell quickly.


Andrea Ragan
CEO, Investor Relations

Andrea has a flare for networking and has been into real estate investing since her early 20s. Her entrepreneurial Business degree adds to her hands-on knowledge of managing real estate investments and running businesses. She will do what is required to find and handle the best assets carefully

Allen Foster
CFO, Project Managment

Allen bought his first property at age 20. He went on to get his agent license and work for new home builders. Allen moved on to his own business doing fix-and-flips. While doing all this, he earned an Accounting and Finance degree. His experience and training make him exceptional at project management. 

Our Partners
Legal, Acquisition, Protection

Allandrea partners with some of the biggest and best in their industries! Our legal team makes sure the business is compliant. Our agents and contractors are experts in their craft. We make sure that we have proper insurance to cover the unexpected.

T H E  A L L A N D R E A  W A Y

See The Difference

We are different because we care about the people and projects. We prioritize relationships, striving for win-win solutions. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved in any property transaction.

We aim to leave properties in a better condition than we found them. We take pride in our work and aim to improve the world one property at a time. Our focus is not on making a quick profit but creating something we can be proud of. It brings us immense joy to see a property transform from a state of despair to magnificence.

We Breath New Life Into Homes

With our extensive experience and proven success, we are the perfect partner for your real estate investments. Trust us to help you achieve your goals and watch your investments grow.


Properties Completed


Years of Experiance
Problems Solved



Happy Homes

Showcase Of A Few Of The Properties

We are excited to share with you some of the properties we have purchased. These properties were once distressed and in need of rehabilitation, but with our expertise and dedication, we have transformed them into valuable assets.

Pompano Beach, FL

This was a complete gut rehab project. It had been abandoned for over 5 years.

Las Vegas, NV

This house was a bank owned property and had been vacant for some time.

Savannah, GA

One of our finished projects. This house got a whole new bedroom.

We Look Forward To Working With You

If you have a house you need to get rid of, are looking for a house to buy or a place to rent drop us a note and our real estate professionsals will be happy to help!

A L L A N D R E A  C O M P A N Y

How Can We Serve You?

We look forward to helping you with your real estate needs.

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